10 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated To Exercise

For some people ,exercising comes so naturally while for some, it takes a lot of effort, planning and motivation. This is why I want to give some very helpful tips to help you stay motivated to exercise.

There are so many reasons to even exercise in the first place. It helps to loose weight, it helps to reduce the risk of developing some diseases such as cardiovascular( heart-related) diseases, it improves your mood and energy levels and lots more. 
I will give a list of tips that can help you stay motivated to exercise.

10 Tips to help you stay motivated to exercise.

1) Get lovely Gym attire- This does not have to be expensive. Just nice  and cool will do. Some people say "fake it till you make it". Even though this is so funny, there is an element of truth in it. Buy that lovely gym outfit, wear it  and feel like a "Serena Williams" or a "Lebron James. Start from there. Make the move. Someday you will be motivated enough to actually put them into real use. Exercise and healthy living starts from the mind, not when you enter the gym.

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2) Make it fun and interesting- You can put on some of your favourite danceable music and just jam away while you work out. Get you phone,your ear-piece and do the needful. There are lots of danceable cardio work-out you can do on you-tube or even in the comfort of your living room. Also there are Zumba classes which could be lots of fun and movements.

3) Do not make it boring- You do not have to do only cardio work-out all the time. You can do varieties of cardio in different forms, you can build up your strength with different exercises. If you go jogging or running today, go biking the next and swimming at another time. Just mix and switch things up a little bit. Afterall,variety they say is the spice of life!

4) You can get equally motivated partner - You do not necessarily have to go shopping for a partner, it could be your spouse, your best buddy or BFF. Call yourselves "partners in sports" if you like. Keep it social, motivate and encourage each other. Cheer each other's accomplishments.

5) Make exercise part of your routine schedule- Make it a priority. Not as an addendum but rather as an integral part of your day. Just like breathing, sleeping and eating.You almost make no special efforts to do these. So in like manner exercise should be incorporated into your day.

6) Try to exercise first thing in the morning- Of course this you be after your personal quiet time. It keeps you energized for the day ahead.When you plan to do your work-out first thing in the morning, the odds of shelving it aside as the day goes by is very slim.

7)Exercise even if you feel tired- I know this sounds counter-productive but in actual fact it is very productive. Exercise makes the brain release endorphins which improve the mood and make your body feel better. It also helps you take in deep breaths that make you calm and relaxed.

8) Keep an Exercise Journal - When you write down things it helps to make them feel tangible  and real thereby helping you appreciate what you are doing. It becomes easier to follow a trend to see how well you are doing or otherwise and make necessary improvements and adjustments where necessary.When you read or see your progress, it encourages you to do better. Yes you can keep a journal for exercise. Write down your exercise statistics like your weight on a daily basis as you do your work-outs, how long you exercised for ,  the amount of Calories burned. Seeing your progress keeps you motivated to do more.

9) Be Flexible - In as much as you have to be strict and keep to your routine, don't be too hard on yourself. Be flexible. If Monday  does not work for you, make up for it on Tuesday. If you are very busy or tired, take a break but the crucial thing is to get back on track as soon as possible.

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10) Reward yourself- Set some goals for yourself and strive to attain them and when you do , reward yourself bountifully. Pamper yourself ! You can decide to get yourself a new pair of hiking shoes or a new warm-up jacket or a new fitbit.

The immense value of exercise cannot be over-emphasized hence the need to do whatever it takes to keep you motivated to keep it up.

Remember this quote from Kerri Walsh Jennings:

"It's going to be a journey.It is not a sprint to get into shape".

Warm Regards,
Dr Funmi


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