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Annual Physical Check up.

Have you had your annual physical check up this year or do you have it scheduled already? If you have not done that you need to do that now before the year ends or schedule it for very early next year. A great benefit of annual physical check up is that it helps to give you a clean bill of health or nip anything brooding in the bud. It helps you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle or make necessary ammends if need be. I see so many people who do not make healthy life choices, some can't be bothered, for others it is just out of sheer ignorance. So if I am able to convince only one person to make a better choice with his or her life, then my work is done.Then I am happy and fulfilled. I want all my friends to be healthy and conscious of their health. Prevention they say is far better than cure. Most times ,you have to schedule your annual physical check up way in advance and plan for it. You might also need to go fasting so you have to plan for that as well. Some

Tips on Staying Safe This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is here again. The most exciting time of the year with colourful decorations and family gatherings. It is usually characterized by its pomp and pageantry. A lot of hustles and bustles go on at this time. You want to get the perfect Christmas tree, pick the appropriate gifts and wrap them, address the cards and have them delivered. Not only that, you want to shop for the perfect Christmas outfits for the kids and get the perfect dinnerware for guests coming over. Lots of shopping for the festivities and that seems like a lot of chaos you would say. However, in the midst of all the good feelings and joy, do not be so carried away as to neglect yourself and your health at large. As it is so easy to simply let yourself go. Less time in the gym, more time shopping in the mall. Since it seems as if everyone is on the move, people are more impatient, people tend to take more risks than they would at any other time of the year.There is need to bring to mind the need fo