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Health concerns of High Fructose Corn Syrup

A while back on one of my instagram stories, I shared about the difference between an organic ketchup and one that was not and I got a lot of questions. I was basically emphasizing the importance of reading food labels. I advised that when you pick up an item and read the label, and find out that it has high corn fructose syrup, give it serious considerations before you make a decision whether to buy or not. Many times I have had to put items carefully back on the shelf. In my search for answers  about the real deal about high corn fructose syrup, I realized that many health care professionals do not believe that it has nutritional value. More often than not, it is usually added as an inexpensive sweetener to processed high-calorie food and drinks. You have to be sure that yourself and your family are consuming healthy food content. I once wrote a previous post on The dangers of sugar. You can read about it here . However, I want to share some insights I came across about