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Self-care in Residency

I lingered for few minutes as I stood transfixed totally awe-struck by the beauty of the magnificient sunset. Then I realized that I had been too busy to even have time to watch one of the free wonders of nature, the sunset. It is so easy to get carried away by the sense of urgency that pervades our busy lives that we miss out on the simplest pleasures of life if care is not taken. For doctors in residency, especially interns, it is so easy for all the excitement of getting into residency to gradually become a blur or fade into oblivion. That need not be your story. Hence, the purpose of this article. There is a lot of discussions on avoiding burnout. I remember that was a whole lecture during our residency orientation.  I have a long-term affair with libraries. Hence one of the places I located when I started residency was the library. I had gone in to the hospital to study when on my way out, I discovered the library actually has books that are non-medical. It is a real libr