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Teething As a Natural Process

Teething is a natural physiological process that children have to go through even though the pattern varies from child to child. A teething child may be very irritable, but the parents or the care givers too go through their own measure of emotional pain while trying to empathize with the child. Teething can be defined as the eruption through the gums of the primary teeth. This is also called the deciduous or milk teeth. Teething is a normal undertaking that occurs in babies as they mature and get ready to take on the world and what it has to offer ranging from eating and actually chewing , for example meat, to crushing bones at some point as they grow to maturity. Now let me teach you a tiny bit of anatomy . During the 6th week of embryonic life or in-utero (this is when the baby is still in the womb and just an embryo) the formation of embryonic cells or toothbuds which eventually form the teeth commences. By 8th week, the tooth buds of all the primary teeth can be dis