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Dealing with Stress in everyday life

Hi everybody. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Today I will be talking about Stress. Many people are stressed without even realizing or admitting it. Stress in medical context can be defined as physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Stress could be from outside. For example from work, school, friends, traffic or it could be from within such as when you have an issue bogging you, an illness or relationship matters. As a matter of fact a level of positive stress is good for everyone otherwise nobody would get anything done. A certain degree of stress is needed to keep us on our toes and always aim for the best. However , just like everything in life, too much of it is not good. The human endocrine system is wired up in such a way as to respond naturally to stress by what is called the 'fight or flight ' response. When faced with a threatening or difficult situation the human body activates resources to protect and prepare the body to e

Introductory Blog

Thank you for checking out my blog.  I feel so excited to reach out and connect with you through this platform. I am passionate about writing and helping others especially in terms of encouraging people to live healthier and happier lives. I also love to share valid, correct and helpfully useful information with others. There is so much information circulating out there.You can call me a health care advocate if you like. Coincidentally I am a medical doctor and so I know a few things about medicine.  I am a mom of two amazing children and a wife to the most amazing guy on planet earth! On a lighter note, pink is my favorite colour. Apart from writing, I enjoy knitting, swimming, eating good food, and dancing. I look forward to sharing information about healthy living, fitness, motherhood, career, motivation, faith, and a host of other fun stuffs. So I implore you to buckle up and get ready for adventure. There will be opportunity to ask questions bothering you or specifical