Dealing with Stress in everyday life

Hi everybody. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Today I will be talking about Stress. Many people are stressed without even realizing or admitting it.

Stress in medical context can be defined as physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.

Stress could be from outside. For example from work, school, friends, traffic or it could be from within such as when you have an issue bogging you, an illness or relationship matters.

As a matter of fact a level of positive stress is good for everyone otherwise nobody would get anything done. A certain degree of stress is needed to keep us on our toes and always aim for the best. However , just like everything in life, too much of it is not good.

The human endocrine system is wired up in such a way as to respond naturally to stress by what is called the 'fight or flight ' response. When faced with a threatening or difficult situation the human body activates resources to protect and prepare the body to either fight back or run.

When stressed your blood pressure rises, breathing goes faster, you become constipated, the immune system goes down , muscles are tensed, you have headaches, sleep could elude you. It makes some people have low libido, erectile dysfunction, forgetfulness, restlessness, irritability ,anger, anxiety and so on.

The summary is stress is not good!

So I would suggest 7 different ways to actually cope with Stress.

1) Maintain a healthy lifestyle- Meaning eat a balanced diet.Good food helps to restore balance to the body while reducing the effect of stress.
Avoid junk foods, caffeine,refined sugar and replace with clean healthy protein, fruits and vegetables. These help to regulate your hormone levels. Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking.

2) Excercise - The quickest ways to reduce stress is through exercise. Do some crunches,get on the threadmill, enroll for crossfit classes, go swimming.Use those dumpbells. Hit the gym! Do some dancing. Just practically get your body going!

3) Get a good night sleep - To function optimally the body needs rest. Sleep gives your body time to reset and start all over. The average adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep. Don't deprive yourself of your beauty sleep, you need it.

4)Set aside a regular leisure time - Give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack.Withdraw from everything to reinvigorate yourself. Literally shut down your body system. Have a "you-alone" time to do whatever you love doing.Watch a movie, listen to music,take the dog for a walk,go for a jog You will be surprised at how refreshed you feel afterwards ready to take up life challenges that might come your way. The new burst of energy you will exude will dispel every stress.

5) Take your Vacation seriously.Deliberately schedule your vacation at least once a year. Go to some beautiful destination. Do not turn your leave into an extension of work. Drop work at work .Pamper yourself. Give yourself a treat. You deserve it!

6)Delegate responsibility when necessary . No man is an island. Utilize the human resources around you.There is nothing to be ashamed of.Do not act like a super-hero who wants to save the world all the time. Save yourself first .Maintain your own sanity.

7)Just Breathe. Leave everything and just take a deep breathe!

I hope these tips are helpful as we try to combat stress in our day-to-day lives.

I will conclude this post with a quote by John Lubbock:

" Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time."

Dr Funmi.


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I am passionate about writing and helping others especially in terms of encouraging people to live healthier and happier lives. I also love to share valid, correct and helpfully useful information with others. There is so much information circulating out there.You can call me a health care advocate if you like.

Coincidentally I am a medical doctor and so I know a few things about medicine. I am a mom of two amazing children and a wife to the most amazing guy on planet earth!

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