The Modified Lemon Water Challenge

My goal is to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle which was why I came up with the lemon water challenge to start with.  I very much prefer people to stay healthy through prevention rather than having to come see me for treatment in the hospital. I recently completed what I call the modified lemon water challenge - a 30-day weight loss regimen for people who would love to shed some weight to stay healthy. The first part was just the lemon water challenge. You can read about that here.

Change I believe is something that starts from the mind. When you make up your mind to do something then nothing can stop you from achieving it. You are your own greatest hindrance if you allow it. I for one could not believe I can ever do without sugar but thanks to the modified lemon water challenge, I GAVE UP SUGAR! Today I am 90 days "sugar sober".

The following things are needed for this challenge:

 -A journal (to record your weight daily and put a tick when you drink the "magic portion")

-A pen (to write)

-A bathroom scale (to daily weigh yourself)

-A glass cup (one that can contain about 10 oz of water)

-Lemons (15 average-sized to cover 30 days)

When I woke up, the first thing in the morning is to weigh myself and record it in my fitness journal. I then squeeze an average-sized lemon into a glass cup containing about 10 ounces of water which is equivalent to approximately 295ml and just drank it! This is similar to my original lemon water challenge. 

The only thing that differentiates the modified lemon challenge from the original lemon water challenge is the inclusion of the behavioral component to the modified version. So let me highlight some of the behavioral components that I added.

1) I gave up sugar! This includes avoiding adding sugar to my tea, coffee, cereal, etc

2) I avoided junks - No fast food, No pizza, no burgers.

3) No fizzy (sugary) drinks. No soda of any type.

4) I went to the gym regularly at least twice a week.

5) I ensured I avoided the elevators and escalators. As much as possible I used the staircase.

6) I ate lots of fruits and vegetables.

7) I fell in love with salads and green smoothies.

8) I halved my carbs portion.

9) I ate more protein based meals.

10) I took lots of water.

The Results 
By the end of this little experiment I realized I had lost about 2 kilogrammes in weight. Not only that, I dropped 2 inches of my waist circumference. Many people like me, have added a couple of inches to their waist circumference since having their babies. So this was a big deal and an amazing big outcome for me.

Some of my friends reached out to me after I published the first part of this experiment which was on the lemon water challenge and asked me to put add some evidence in my next experiment, so I have included some. 

 Picture Before(Left) and After(Right)

Don't mind the qualities of the picture, I had to get someone to use my phone. By now you can tell yourself that the change is obvious. These things work if only you commit to them.

More Evidence

This was after one of my 'gyming' sessions:

Lunch mostly looked like this:

The Benefits

1) It helps to loose weight. 

2) It helps to reduce truncal obesity by dropping inches around your waist.

3) It 'destroys' your craving for sugar. I am a living evidence of this.

4) It helps your bowel movement.

5) It makes your skin glow and healthy.

6) The lemon itself is a source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps boost your immune system.

7) The vitamin C content of lemon helps to prevent anemia by improving the absorption of iron by the body.

Friends, what are you waiting for? You can give this a try, after all you loose nothing, if at all you stand to gain a lot. Make up your mind to embark on the Modified Lemon Water Challenge today and feel free to share your results with me. 

Till then, stay healthy and live healthy.

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence -that will enable you to attain the success you seek."
                                                                                                                          - Mario Andretti

Warm Regards,
Dr Funmi.


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