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Lessons Learnt From the Year 2020

  I know this year 2020 has been a year like no other. It is the year of the Pandemic. We have experienced a lot of dimensions to this pandemic. A lot has happened.  A lot of tears have been shed. A lot of pain have been endured across the globe this year. I am not sure any dolorimeter has been designed to cater to the immense measure of pain 2020 has spewn on earth. Many have lost their sources of livelihood. Many have lost their homes. Many have lost their dignity.  Many have gone hungry. Many have lost their marriages. Many have lost their lives. It is almost too much. However, you made it up to this point! There is still hope. There is covid vaccine now available which is also reported to be quite effective.  The vaccine has been described as "A Ray of Hope". Some call it "A Shot of Hope". Wait for and wait on this hope. We know that hope is that ability to chose to see light despite all the darkness. I know you had high hopes for this year. Big dreams, dazzling

People Bondage

Talking about my personal journey, I have lost count of the number of people that have ever made comments on my eyes. Some were nice, some were rude, but I really never cared because my eyes are one of the qualities that endeared me to my then fiance, now husband. You have to free yourself from the "people bondage". There is nothing that can be perfect in their eyes anyway, which is totally fine. As long as you are perfect to yourself each time you look in the mirror. As long as the person staring back at you makes you smile, people's opinions do not count. 'Your eyes are beautiful'. "You have 'cat eyes'". "Your eyes are big". "Your eyes are globular". "Your eyes are sexy". "Your eyes are huge". As far as I am concerned, my eyes are beautiful because God made me beautifully in His image and in His likeness. No one on earth contributed anything to the way they look until they discovered plastic surgery. So I