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Cervical Cancer Awareness: What You Should Know.

Several years ago, I was a freshly minted medical doctor who found herself as the only doctor-on-call in the Emergency room of a JCI-accredited hospital deep in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. I quickly realized early in my career life that the ER was not going to be my "thing". I knew pretty early to choose internal medicine. There I was, face to face with a middle-aged woman who was in acute painful distress from complications of cervical cancer that had spread around her body. I did all I could to alleviate her pain. I cannot forget the forlorn look on her face. The sad reality is that her clinical state at that time could have been prevented. If only she was equipped with knowledge and deep understanding about cervical cancer and it's prevention pretty early.  A couple of years back, my mom came visiting on holiday from Nigeria and I ensured that she had a cervical screening before she left back for home. I know that I am a good daughter, thank you. Apart from the