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The Dark side of Choice.

  I love writing. I derive pleasure in simply putting pen to paper. I have written a host of things that lie hidden and carefully stored away from prying eyes. However, I have made a resolve to share some of those hence, I share a piece I wrote over a year ago as I realized that it is quite relevant at this time. I call it " The Dark side of Choice". Choice is supposed to be a good thing. A gift in itself. Alas, it is sometimes the bane of many pursuits in life. If peradventure you make a wrong choice, then you are totally tangential to your destiny and that is rather unfortunate. So choice is a big deal. Choice is a serious business. Imagine my frustration when I went to the ice-cream parlour once to treat myself to a great sweet tasting, having crushed my health goals for the week and desiring to reward myself. I simply wanted ice- cream, that was all I wanted only to be confronted with a long list of options. You won't believe there were about 32 different options of i


Hello World, it has been a long while. I took a short break off this blog to focus on life. A lot has happened since I last posted here; however, one thing I can say is that I am back and I am better. I have been through a process of refinement and now have a better understanding of who I really am. I am in a better relationship with myself and it can only get better. Thus, I am re-launching a new season of my blogging experience with this short poem I wrote below. Enjoy. What you become in the process is more important than the dream itself. The kind of person that you become, The kind of character that you build, The courage that you develop, The resilience you retain, The faith you are developing, Are all an integral component of your process of becoming. So, when life gets hard, do it hard, When life gets tough, do it tough. The process is an integral part of your story. The scars and tears along the way are only trophies that complete the story. It is like th