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Happy New Year !

  Happy New Year dear friends. We made it to the amazingly pregnant year 2023!  May it deliver to us the goodness thereof. May we be beneficiaries of its numerous blessings while the evil thereof will never come near our abodes.  It has been such a long time I showed up on this side of the world. My apologies for the inconsistency. However, I have decided to turn over a new leaf and steadiness of writing is one of my goals which would be equivalent to New year resolutions for believers of that. Now, we have a lot to catch up on. Last year 2022 was a very interesting year. It was full of numerous wins, pleasant surprises, answered prayers, some failures, a lot of tears, few disappointments, etc. I made new friends, re-connected with old friends. I finished residency training in Internal Medicine. My status changed. I became an attending physician or as we call it in my country of origin, I became a consultant. All glory to God. I am a woman of faith for those of you who do not know me y