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The Dangers of Sugar

Many people love sweet things. Seriously, who would not want a taste of sweetness in their lives ? Every now and then the human body craves for something sweet which is only fair. I mean life itself could be so tough already, and adding a little something to sweeten it does not sound like a bad idea at all . At least not initially. Just like most things in life, sugar in itself is not bad ,but when it is taken in excess, that is where the problem starts. Now ,the hard part is actually trying to put a measurement on 'moderation'. At what point does 'a little' become 'too much'? Also, 'moderation' is a very relative term. In a context, what is deemed moderation might be a little too much ,while in another context it is outrightly in excess. Can you believe that there is 39 grammes of sugar in a 12 ounce can of  regular coke? Shocking, right ? Let me help paint the picture a little more vividly. It literally means about 9 1/3 (9.7