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Phones Are Dirty.

In literally terms, phone are just very dirty.  As a matter of fact, your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat! I know that is scary right?  Especially for people who have little children and give their phones to 'appease' them when they have temper outbursts or just to distract them. Apart from the fact that phones are not good for the little ones, it is like exposing them to grave danger when we give them our phones. Of course, the intentions are pure but the risk of exposure to germs is really high. It is almost like allowing your child play with the toilet seat. That thought alone gives me goose bumps. I even read of the story of a man in Uganda who reportedly contracted Ebola after stealing a phone. He stole the phone from a quarantined ward of a hospital near the site of a recent Ebola outbreak. Now I call that double-trouble! I know many people are curious as to why I said that phones are dirtier than a toilet seat. Now let's think about it

The Lemon Water Challenge

I just recently completed  what I call the 30-day Lemon water challenge. There is a saying about the fact that if you do something consistently for 21 days that it becomes a part and parcel of you.I chose the number 30 probably just for completeness purpose. Hence, I would like to share the result of my little experiment with you all. So what I did was that when I woke up in the morning, I would check my weight before anything else and record it. Then I got an average-sized lemon, cut it in half and squeezed the juice into a glass cup with about 10 ounces of water( approximately 295 ml) and drank it !  I repeated  this daily for 30 days while maintaining my normal lifestyle. That is, I did not change anything else. In mathematics they would say all other factors remained constant. I still ate my normal carbs, added as much sugar as I wanted to my tea ( I love tea! Nigerian by birth,  British in tea habit) as well as cereal. Occasionally took fizzy drinks (Sorry I have

Say No To Breast Cancer

It is October and this month commemorates the breast cancer awareness month. My heart goes out to anyone who is fighting breast cancer or anyone who knows someone going through this trying situation. Receive strength. Apart from the fact that this is a good course I also love that it is represented by the pink ribbon.Pink is my favorite colour so I am always biased towards anything pink. I had to make a conscious effort not to make pink the entire theme for my wedding.That is on a lighter note. Seriously, women need to show their breasts some love. During my housemanship year, and when I was on my general surgery rotation, I came across a number of patients with breast cancer. That honestly was not a fun posting for me. Due to a myriad of factors many of those patients I saw presented with stage 4 metastatic cancer( which means that the cancer had spread to different parts of their bodies). Yet if only someone somewhere had picked up the signs and symptoms early, they would not