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  Yes, face mask acne is now a thing. It is called "Maskne". I have always prided myself in having a very beautiful, smooth skin. Even as a teenager, I never had issues with acne at all. Therefore, when all of a sudden in the year 2020, few months into the pandemic, I noticed a number of pimples on my face. It was especially around the edges of the mask where it made contact with my skin. I also noticed quite a few just on my cheeks as well. Then, I realized it was attributable to the mask. The timing of when I started noticing the pimples tallied with when I started wearing a disposable N95 mask all day whenever I worked at the hospital. That is a very long time to adorn these masks. But safety over comfort is a wisdom nugget to hold in high esteem especially at this time. Another reason I knew it was the face mask that was responsible for the break-outs or acne, was because at the time I had stopped applying make up because there was no point anyway because it gets covered

Hope For A New Day

  Happy New year friends. May this be a great year for you all. May you never have to describe it with the word horror . Rather, may it be filled with hope of brighter days. That is why I want to talk about hope today. I randomly decided to type in the word "hope" into my google search box and curiously awaited my results. The first thing that caught my eyes was the definition of hope. First was the noun which means ; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, synonymous with aspiration, desire, wish, expectation, ambition, aim, plan, dream, daydream, pipe dream. While the verb means ' to want something to happen or be the case'. This is synonymous with expect, anticipate, look for, wait for, be hopeful of, pin one's hopes on, want. This year 2021, you have to want something great and positively mind-blowing happen to you. You have to work very hard to make sure that happens. What have you written down in your journal as a list of things yo