Embracing a Fitness Lifestyle

Many people, especially young professionals tend to live life in the fast lane with the associated pressures that come with it. You cannot blame them because a desire for success and a better future tends to drive most people. Therefore, there is this tendency to get carried away by the busyness of work and  have genuine excuse for not working out.

I realized that you have two options basically - either to do something or do nothing. You either make up your mind to live healthy and sometimes practically drag your tired body to the gym.
It might be hard and painful but at the end, you will have yourself to thank for that singular decision.

Here are a few Tips to ensure a fitness lifestyle:

1) Choose the stairs over the elevator - You will be amazed by how many steps you get in by just making a decision to use the stairs and ditch the lifts. Apart from helping to keep you fit, this saves you time.

2) Register at the gym - Even for really self-motivated individuals, working out alone by yourself in the comfort of your house could be a herculean task, however going out of your way to the gym and seeing other people who are sold out to healthy living and a fitness lifestyle is a great source of motivation.

3) Determination is key- You have to remind yourself why you are doing this and push yourself hard even when your body is weary. There was a time I left work after a night shift with practically no sleep in twelve hours, I dragged myself to the gym refusing to yield to the temptation to go straight to bed. In life, we have to make some tough and painful calls that ultimately would be beneficial.

4) Meal preparation - This involves planning ahead what you will eat and therefore getting all the necessary ingredients all ready and set to be cooked within few minutes. You can prepare your meals for the whole week ahead of time. This ensures being intentional with what you eat and this even saves you cost. 

5) Be deliberate about what you feed yourself - read food labels. Limit coffee. I know this is a hard one especially for shift workers, but try. Eat lots of vegetables and good servings of fruits. Drink lots of water. This is the best drink. 

A decision for healthy living is not always going to be easy, but it is a goal that is highly achievable if you put your mind to it.

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."
                                                                                                                             - John F. Kennedy


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